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Success in fight to save old mill

Huddersfield Examiner, 16th January 2008

Huddersfield Examiner, 16th January 2008


Success in fight to save old mill

By Sam Casey, News Reporter

Campaigners have won a bid to protect a 19th century mill.

Newsome residents, backed by the Victorian Society watchdog, have succeeded in getting Newsome Mills Grade II listed.

The Ruth Street site is being redeveloped by Manchester-based Royalle Estates to provide more than 70 flats and houses.

The company has already cleared some of the old weaving sheds to make way for the new buildings.

Bosses were toying with the idea of tearing down the main mill building as well.

But those proposals were scuppered after English Heritage confirmed that the listing status – which already protected the mill’s landmark clock tower – also covered the mill itself.

Alex Baldwin, of the Victorian Society, said: “This is excellent news. Demolishing all the buildings around the clock tower would have left it exposed and completely without context.

“We’re delighted that local campaigners have succeeded in getting all of the complex listed.

“We now want to see a scheme that will make the most of these historic buildings, which are a source of pride for many people.”

The four-storey mill was built in 1880 after another mill burned down. It was the main employer in Newsome for much of the next century.

Royalle Estates gained planning permission in 2006 to build 13 town houses and 56 flats – including 45 by converting the mill itself – on the site.

Managing director Ian Keller said there had been preliminary discussions about possibly pulling the mill down to make way for more family houses.

He said: “We felt the main point of interest was the clock tower, rather than the mill itself. But while we were considering the idea English Heritage contacted us to say that it was listed.”

Mr Keller added: “It is not a blow to us. It’s a wonderful site, but I felt that family housing might have been a better development for the area.”

The company many reapply for permission to reduce the number of flats and increase the number of houses it was planning, but not to pull down the mill.

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