Posted by: dianesims | September 30, 2009

One thing is certain

The Newsome Mills campaign began on 6th November 2007 – the day that the slates were removed from the weaving shed roof. We’ve lost so much from Newsome Mill since then – through theft, vandalism and neglect. 


But we haven’t lost hope.


When the mill clock was stopped during Easter 2007, we were promised that it would be working again within two months. But that silence has now endured for two and a half years. I’ve spent most of that time trying to break that silence, trying to give these buildings a voice.


There have been some disheartening moments – seeing the empty space on the wall where the war memorial is supposed to be, standing in the darkness and rain waiting next to the fire engines to hear news of the damage, watching rain drip through the floorboards, and seeing the last remaining intact clock face suddenly develop a gaping hole. If this building had been protected adequately, none of these things would have happened. 


But there have been other moments too – seeing our mill celebrated on the Look North regional news, hearing words of encouragement on the end of a phone line whilst waiting for a reporter when I’d almost lost my nerve, watching the bats over the mill pond at dusk on a summer’s evening, and seeing these buildings still standing every day, in spite of it all.


The future of the Newsome Mills site is still uncertain. So I’m starting this blog to make sure that the voices of the people who live and work here continue to be heard. This mill is a big part of Newsome – past, present and future. It belongs here. Just like us.


Protecting these buildings isn’t easy, but I’ll continue to do it. You can be certain of that.


  1. Excellent website -all going in the right direction, which is to protect the Mill and make it a useful building again – the proud landmark it always was.

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